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June 1, 2020

Slowdown Hotels

We’ve developed a whole concept of the brand – from the idea, conceptual design, to branding strategy. A concept of new hospitality to slowdown our busy lifestyle.


  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, Communication strategy

  • Design

    Design, Web Design, UI/UX Experience,

  • Client

    Slowdown Hotels


Meet Slowdown Hotels

Slowdown Hotels features the concepts that are sustainable and have engraved in their core DNA the values that we hold at the highest, upon which we have based the criteria to include the hotels and experiences in our boutique collection. Resorts that care for the environment and care for nature. Hotels that, as well as their managers and owners, introduce their guests to a new culture and forge friendships, carefully selected wellness programs that awaken the mind and the body. We propose to better acquaint ourselves with the notions of Nature, Design, Wellness, Balance, and Experience. Combine them into one and slow our lives down. Therein lies our mission.



DESIGN: Anja Korošec

Visual identity is inspired by nature & wellbeing. We have incorporated nature into our visual design DNA. We wanted to keep the design clean but strong in a narrative way. The inspiration was landscapes, vegetation, and water! Because in nature everything is balanced and only in nature, we can fully regenerate and sense the true pristine moments.

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